Facebook features Sikh man in video, racists can't handle it

Commenters call Vishavjit Singh "raghead," "terrorist" and "ISIS," among other hateful remarks.

Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh, known to many as his superhero alter ego Sikh Captain America, was recently featured in a video ad for Facebook Tips, which you may have seen popping up on your timeline. It's just a 28-second video of Vishavjit talking about how "likes" can help shape the content on your news feed.

No big deal, right? But Facebook users, you never let me down. Many seem predictably fixated on Vishavjit's turban and beard, offering comments calling him "terrorist," "raghead," "ISIS," and other hatefully ignorant references.

Some actually seem to feel disrespected by the mere sight of Vishavjit on their timeline.

Stay classy, Facebook.

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