An Open Letter to Asian American TV Watchers

'Fresh On The Air' by Jeff Yang and Louie Chin

The premiere of Fresh Off The Boat is almost upon us. It's been widely touted as the first Asian American family on network television in over twenty years, and that is a big a deal. Among other milestones, the show heralds the screen debut of Hudson Yang, the eldest son of my good friend Jeff Yang, as young Eddie Huang. So you could say this is a pretty big week for the Yang family.

The show's already getting great reviews. Here, Jeff makes an appeal -- as Asian American culture watcher, and as a proud dad -- asking you to give Fresh Off The Boat a chance. An open letter in comic form:

Fresh Off The Boat premieres Wednesday, February 4 at 8:30pm and 9:30pm on ABC.

And for more comics, check out this week's artistic tribute to Fresh Off The Boat from The Nerds of Color.

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