Beware fake monks running the bracelet scam

In San Francisco, scammers dressed as monks are targeting unsuspecting folks for a "donation."

Watch out for fake monks, San Francisco. Looks like street scammers are back at it, targeting unsuspecting folks with the good ol' "bracelet scam." This time, the latest wave of scammers are dressed up as monks.

Fake monks are using the bracelet scam in San Francisco

It works like this. A man or woman dressed as a monk approaches you on the street and puts a bracelet on your wrist with a big smile. Then they ask you to sign a "peace" petition or some shit, as well as a "donation." If you refuse, they'll become insistent and aggressive. If you don't give it up, they'll move on to another target.

Stanley Roberts of KRON's excellent "People Behaving Badly" segment recently did an exploration of the phenomenon. He catches quite a few fake monks in action. After giving their target a beaded bracelet, they ask for a signature on their "peace" petition. Once the target has signed, they're told to write down their donation. If the target balks, the scammer presses them for cash. And if they don't have any, they snatch the bracelet back and look for a new target.

The fake monks aren't just targeting tourists. They’re aiming for anyone on the street. So if you're in the Union Square or downtown areas, keep your hands in your pockets if you see a suspicious-looking monk, armed with bracelets, coming your way.

You may have seen or heard of scams like this happening in New York and abroad. The fake monks are scamming tourists and random people on the street. Keep your hands in your pockets and stand your ground!

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