Join us for the "Fresh Off The Show" Online Post-Show

Tuesday, February 17 at 8:35pm PST after 'Fresh Off The Boat'

Hey, Fresh Off The Boat viewers! After you tune into Tuesday night's episode at 8:00pm on ABC, head over to the internets and join me and Jenny Yang for "Fresh Off The Show," the unofficial Fresh Off The Boat aftershow. We had so much fun last time, we're doing it again and making it a regular thing.

Join in on the conversation via Google Hangout, and use the hashtag #FreshOffTheShow, starting at 8:35pm Pacific Standard Time. You can hop on and watch us here right after the episode airs on the west coast:

Here are some more details:

"Fresh Off The Show" Online Post-Show - Feb. 17 - 8:35PM PST

Join Phil Yu and comedian Jenny Yang for the first-ever unofficial FRESH OFF THE BOAT post-show - streaming live online.

Step 1:
Watch FRESH OFF THE BOAT new episode on ABC.
8:00 PM PST - Episode 105
LIVETWEET with us using (new) hashtag #FreshOffTheShow

Step 2:
8:35 PM PST - Click on the link below to hang out with us online and debrief Tuesday's episode!
LINK: http://youtu.be/UK_iWqr-wd4

Step 3:
Comment or ask questions on the chat bar of the livestream page to interact with us in real-time (actually more like a 1 minute lag but whatevs)

For more details, refer to the Facebook event. See you on the internet!

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