This Portrait of Bobby Jindal is the Whitest Thing Ever

Louisiana governor's goofy pale portrait invites internet mockery.

So... this is a portrait of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. You might notice that instead of making him looking like a really goofy, badly-principled Indian American politician, it does a very good job of making him look like a really goofy, badly-principled Caucasian politician. Man, this thing is white. How white is it?

Bobby Jindal's New Portrait Is White Enough to Win an Oscar

Seriously -- who is the white dude in that portrait? Jindal, who is often held up by Republicans as a young, brown example of inclusivity in a party of older, white men, is looking rather pale in this painting. For your reference, here's what Governor Jindal actually looks like:

Louisiana political blogger Lamar White tweeted a photo of the portrait, which immediately invited mockery.

After a lot of Twitter folks got their hits in, a staffer for Governor Jindal clarified that this portrait was on loan from a constituent (who perhaps ran out of brown paint). In other words, it's fan art! Super-whitewashed fan art.

For the record, this is the governor's official portrait.

Okay, so a liiiiiittle more brown, but no less goofy. I love the internet.

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