F*ck this guy and his 'Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat' shirt

Asians Behaving Badly: Congratulations-You're-A-Piece-of-Shit Edition.

Behold, this grinning piece of shit festivalgoer who was seen walking around Coachella wearing a t-shirt that said, "Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat." He was spotted by THUMP managing editor Jemayel Khawaja, who was understandably appalled and shared a photo of this fool and his shitty shirt on Twitter. The internet reacted.

The shirt is a play on the phrase, "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat," which is a Fatboy Slim track.

Not condoning violence towards anyone, but I can't help but hope this was smiley's last moment of happiness before getting his ass beat by the Coachella masses. Next up: an epic asskicking, courtesy of the internet.

This guy woke up that morning and thought, hey, it might be fun/cool to promote rape today. But rewind a little a further, and you realize this guy actually plunked down money to buy this shirt. And someone out there is manufacturing and selling this shirt. Yup, people are totally terrible.

I think it's safe to say that if you see anyone wearing this shirt, it's a pretty strong indicator of bad life choices.

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