'Fresh Off The Boat' Episode Guide (111-112)

Asian American family sitcom airs Tuesdays at 8:00pm on ABC

The inaugural season of Fresh Off The Boat is quickly drawing to a close. After all the hype, the show has distinguished itself as a critical hit, drawn solid ratings, and has given a lot of us something to cheer for on TV. On top of all that, it's part of the larger, much-lauded wave of more diverse storytelling on television.

So what are the chances of a second season? In my opinion, the chances are great. Solid. I'd put money on it. Of course, I also think it couldn't hurt for the powers that be to get a little helpful nudge from Fresh fans. On last week's "Fresh Off The Show" -- the unofficial live online Fresh Off The Boat aftershow -- we came up with the hashtag #RenewFOTB. Tweet at @ABCNetwork and let them know what's up.

If you haven't had a chance to tune in, full previously aired episodes are available for free streaming on the ABC website, as well as Hulu. You can also purchase episodes of Fresh Off The Boat from iTunes.

Here's your guide to the last two episodes of the season:

"Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon"
Airdate: Tuesday, April 14 (8:00-8:30pm)

Louis and Jessica get pressured into volunteering at the kids' schools because of budget cuts. Eddie sees a whole other side of his dad when Louis -- a former semi-pro basketball player back in Taiwan -- coaches the basketball team, while Emery and Evan see a side of Jessica they wish they hadn't when she grudgingly takes on producing their school play, and puts her own spin on it.

Guest starring are Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang, Amanda Lund as Vanessa, Maria Bamford as Principal Thomas, Connor Rosen as Bed-Wetter Doug, Trevor Larcom as Trent, Prophet Bolden as Walter, Evan Hanneman as Barefoot Dave and Walter Schrass as Dmitri.

"Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon" was written by Rich Blomquist. Rob Cohen directed.

Airdate: Tuesday, April 21 (8:00-8:30pm)

Jessica fears her family has assimilated so much to life in Orlando that they've lost their Chinese identity. So she drives everyone nuts making them reconnect with their culture, from Louis, who she insists decline an invite to join the country club, to Eddie, who she makes do a report on China for his World Day project.

Guest starring are Lucille Soong as Grandma Huang, Chelsey Crisp as Honey, Ray Wise as Marvin, David Goldman as Principal Hunter, Luna Blaise as Nicole, Connor Rosen as Bed-Wetter Doug, Trevor Larcom as Trent, Prophet Bolden as Walter, Evan Hanneman as Barefoot Dave and Brady Tutton as Brock.

"So Chineez" was written by Sanjay Shah. Chris Koch directed.

And remember, if you've got a half hour to spare after the show...

If you plan on tuning in live, then you're also welcome to jump online after every episode and join us for Fresh Off The Show, the unofficial Fresh Off The Boat online aftershow. My pal Jenny Yang and I have been hopping on Google Hangout to discuss and debrief each episode. Check it out, use the hashtag #FreshOffTheShow, and join in on the chat at 8:35pm Pacific Standard Time, right after the west coast broadcast.

Here's an archive of all our episodes so far:

February 10: "The Shunning" and "Success Perm"
Special Call-In Guest: C.S. Lee

February 17: "Persistent Romeo"

February 24: "Fajita Man"
Special Guest: Keiko Agena

March 3: "Showdown at the Golden Saddle"
Special Guest: Julianne Hing

March 10: "Phillip Goldstein"
Special Guest: Ali Wong

March 24: "License to Sell"
Special Guest: Camilla Blackett

March 31: "Blind Spot"
Special Guests: Rex Lee and Nahnatchka Khan

For further information about Fresh Off The Show, be sure to join the Facebook event (or just remember the handy URL repsweats.com), which will updated regularly with the video link for each week's show.

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