Impatient patron leaves racist "tip" at Thai restaurant


The thing about racial receipts is that it works both ways. There are terrible customers, and there are just plain assholes. This receipt, shared on Facebook, is strong evidence of the latter, with a big fat dash of bigotry.

This receipt was signed by a customer who dined Sunday evening at Fasai Thai Restaurant in Anaheim. He was apparently dissatisfied with the speed of the service -- it was busy night -- and left a tip in the amount of hella rude dollars and racial slur cents. Specifically, the message: "HURRY THE FUCK UP ZIPPERHEAD."

Owner CJ Jetphukthai publicly shared the credit card slip on Facebook:

It was a very busy night at my Thai restaurant tonight. This gentleman had to wait for his food for the whole 15 minutes ... And he wrote this on his credit card slip ... Thank you for your kind understanding and your word of encouragement .. We know the world revolves around you .. And no one else matters but you .. #zipperhead


"Zipperhead," for those who don't know, is a derogatory term for people of Asian descent. Its origins are said to trace back to the Korean War, where enemy troops killed with high-powered weapons or run over by jeeps -- leaving patterns resembling zippers on their corpses -- were referred to by U.S. troops as "zipperheads."

Yeah, disgusting. Who the hell even uses this term anymore? Apparently Robert here, who slings racial slurs when he has to wait a few minutes for his dinner. Bravo, you entitled asshole. You really stuck it to them.

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