Lee Byung-hun and Diddy star in 'Rush Hour 4: Face/Off 2'

Two sequels. One movie. Courtesy of Funny or Die.

Lee Byung-hun and Diddy star in Rush Hour 4: Face/Off 2, the most anticipated double-sequel of the blockbuster season! To rescue the Korean ambassador's daughter, Detective Carter and Detective Lee must join forces... and switch faces! Like in Face/Off. Because... well, just because.

Okay, before you freak the frick out about this unholy cinematic union, know that this weirdly hilarious premise is a Funny or Die parody trailer. Hey, might as well combine two spoofs in one. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and John Travolta and Nicholas Cage won't know what they're missing.

Take a look:

Special appearance by Brian Tee. This is pretty hilarious. The fake buddy cop sequel even got a real billboard in Hollywood last week, probably confusing a few movie fans on Hollywood Boulevard:

For the record, an actual Rush Hour 4 is reportedly in development. I'd rather see the fake one.

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