TMZ airs racist segment mocking Kpop group EXID

Reporting includes predictably stupid faux Asian accent.

All right, I'm not going to pretend I expected any better from the likes of TMZ. In this recent segment covering the recent arrival of K-pop girl group EXID at Los Angeles International Airport, a TMZ editor decided to enhance her reporting with a predictably stupid faux Asian accent mocking one of the members of the group.

The rest of the TMZ staff groans with faint protest, which is funny, because the show has been guilty of pulling this kind of racist shit before. Suddenly, everyone is all sensitive about making fun of Asians? Then cut to the lone Asian American contributor in the "newsroom." It only tumbles into further ignorance from there.

"Where were you born?" What is the point of asking that question? What is the point of this entire segment?

Sorry, it's TMZ. Why did I even bother asking?

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