This 5-year-old Bruce Lee fan's got all the right moves

From the yellow jumpsuit to the nunchuck skills, Ryuji Imai is channeling the spirit of Bruce.

Been seeing this one passed around widely on social media (thank you to the dozens of people who brought it to my attention)... Behold, this kid is straight up channeling the spirit of Bruce Lee, from the yellow jumpsuit to the swift nunchuck skills (not to mention the righteous facial expressions). That's 5-year-old Ryuji Imai with all the right moves, doing a pretty damn great impression of the Dragon.

Check it out:

No doubt, you can credit Ryuji's parents for setting him on the early path of Bruce-ness. By the way, the fight scene is from Game of Death, and that's Bruce battling Dan Inosanto. You can watch the full scene here.

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