Racist graffiti found etched on sidewalk in Flushing

Sometimes, you can encounter hate while just going for walk. Just look down.

Sometimes, you can encounter hate while just going for walk. You don't even to see or talk to anyone. Just look down at the ground and there it is. Like this week in New York, where anti-Asian graffiti was found scratched into sidewalk cement outside a Queens apartment building.

The message read, "ALL YOU CHINK GO BACK TO CHINA!!!"

Racist Remark Found Etched In Sidewalk Outside Flushing Apartment Building

The vandalism, which was carved into wet cement on the sidewalk outside of the Cherry Manor Condos in Flushing, made local news when it was brought to the attention of City Councilman Peter Koo via social media.

The councilman's office contacted the building owner and the city's Department of Transportation, which dispatched a crew to buff out the sidewalk on Tuesday morning, removing the vandalism

According to Koo's office, a community center, a daycare, three after-school programs, a church and multiple residences all reside within a half-block of the site of the vandalism. In a statement, the councilman encouraged community members to take a stand and speak out against hate speech of any kind:

“It is critical that the community take an immediate stand against this kind of hate speech wherever and whenever it surfaces. We embrace our diversity here in Flushing as a strength that should be celebrated and nurtured, and we will stand vigilant against racism in all forms.

I would like to thank the NYC Department of Transportation and First Property Investment, LLC for acting swiftly to eliminate this hate speech. I would also like to thank the many vigilant community members who spoke up and contacted my office when they learned of this vandalism, and I strongly encourage everyone in our community to speak out to proper authorities when confronted with hate speech of any kind."

The NYPD's 109th Precinct is investigating the vandalism.

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