Tech entrepreneur's home targeted with racist slur

Vandal caught on camera scrawling "FUCK YOU GOOK" on Justin Kan's garage door.

Justin Kan woke up Saturday morning to discover that he was the victim of a hate crime.

The San Francisco tech entrepreneur, who is Chinese American, came outside to find that a someone had scrawled "FUCK YOU GOOK!" in black ink on his garage door in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

Security camera footage shows a white, bearded man with a baseball cap and gray hoodie walking up to Kan's home at 3:38 am Saturday morning, pulling a marker out of his backpack, and writing his "greeting" on the garage door. Kan is apparently one of the few Asian Americans who live on the street.

Kan, a partner at the startup seed-funding group Y Combinator, shared the vandal's "masterpiece" on Twitter:

He also posted the security cam video, which offers a fairly clear view of the vandal:

The incident was reported to police, but Kan says he has no idea who the culprit could be. (As far as he can tell, he doesn't recall rejecting this guy from Y Combinator.)

If you recognize the guy responsible for this hate crime, or have any information about this incident, contact police or throw Justin a shout.

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