Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 22: Jenny Yang Returns

Hello, podcast listeners! We're back with another edition of the Sound and Fury podcast. In Episode 22, I catch up with my good friend, writer and comedian Jenny Yang -- our first return guest! We have some laughs and discuss the travails and triumphs of producing the inaugural Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival.

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So... check it. Here is my conversation with Jenny Yang:

Episode 22: Jenny Yang Returns

In episode twenty-two, I talk to acomedian Jenny Yang about BuzzFeed fame, hot and sweaty comedy, and what it was like sharing the stage with her standup hero.

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Some notes about this episode:

Big thank you to Jenny for taking the time to hang out and chat. Special thanks to Sabzi for providing the beats. And as always, thank you to everybody for listening. If you like the show, please share it, tell your friends and leave a review on iTunes. To stay on top of future episodes and updates, be sure to subscribe.

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