Sung Kang gets behind the wheel again in 'Z Dream'

Five-part docu-series chronicles 'Fast & Furious' star's restoration of a classic Nissan 240Z.

Sung Kang, the super-cool star of several mega-successful Fast & Furious movies, gets behind the wheel again. Only this time, he's building his dream car. Fox Sports' new five-part documentary webseries Z Dream follows Sung as he goes through the process of restoring a classic Nissan 240Z. The car, known as "FuguZ," will debut at the 2015 SEMA auto show next month in Las Vegas.

In the premiere episode, Sung shares why he was motivated to pursue this unique passion project, and how he connected with friends and specialists to build the car. He says that he was inspired, in part, by the tragic, untimely death of his Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker -- who was also an avid auto enthusiast.

"I realized after he passed away that life is too short," Sung says. "You've got to just go after it."

Check it out:

Pretty damn cool.

New episodes of Z Dream are scheduled to go live on Sung's Facebook page each Wednesday until November 18, with live Facebook video updates from the SEMA auto show from November 3-6.


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