McDonald's employee fired for coffee cup racism

Employee wrote "chino" and drew a racist face caricature on an Asian customer's coffee cup.

Oh look, this shit again. Last week in Chicago, a McDonald's employee was fired after writing "CHINO" and drawing a racist caricature -- referring to an Asian American customer -- on a coffee cup order.

McDonald's worker fired for writing 'chino' on coffee cup

Paul Kim, who is Korean American, was at the McDonald's Kedzie and Foster when he noticed that "CHINO" -- a Spanish slang term for Asian -- was written on his uncle's coffee cup, along with a racist caricature of an Asian face. Yes, those three lines are supposed to be a face.

Kim shared a photo of the cup on Twitter:

Kim says that when he confronted the restaurant manager, she offered "no remorse or apology."

McDonald's says it has fired the employee responsible for the cup. But Kim says he didn't want the person fired -- he wanted them confronted. Personally, I'm cool with them getting fired. Do you really want someone this idiotic working for you? Racist behavior shouldn't be tolerated in the workplace, whether you're in fast food or academia or Wall Street. Getting fired sounds about right to me.


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