Steven Yeun missing from 'The Walking Dead' opening credits


When we last saw Glenn on The Walking Dead, our favorite zombie apocalypse survivor was seemingly swallowed by a horde of the undead, leaving legions of fans devastated and traumatized by the cruelest of cliffhangers. And if you tuned into the latest episode to get some clarity on Glenn's final fate, the show said hell no, you'll have to wait at least another week. On top of that, keen-eyed viewers may have noticed a disturbing detail about this episode: Steven Yeun's name was missing from the opening credits.

Since the October 25 episode, there has been a great deal of speculation and theorizing about whether or not Glenn actually met his end or somehow survived that ridiculously impossible situation. But instead of returning to the bloody alley where Glenn may or may not have met his doom, the show took a step back from the current storyline to focus wholly on another character, Morgan, and his backstory.

We Glenn fans shake our fists at you, Walking Dead.

To add to the anguish, if you were paying attention during the show's opening credit sequence this week, Steven Yeun's name was nowhere to be found. It was actually the first time that Yeun, who has played Glenn on The Walking Dead since episode one, was completely absent from the show's opening titles.

What does it mean?

There are, of course, clues that indicate that Glenn is not totally dead. The prevailing theory is that all those blood and guts actually belonged to that fool Nicholas, and Glenn somehow shimmied his ass to safety. Another idea is that Glenn has indeed been bitten and infected, but will manage to crawl his way back to Alexandria to say his final goodbyes to Maggie, like the good husband that he is.

It's already been confirmed by The Walking Dead producers that Glenn will indeed be back. But in what form? After last week's episode, showrunner Scott Gimple issued a statement regarding Glenn's future: "In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback, or current story, to help complete the story." This, of course, tells us absolutely nothing.

Are the producers just messing with us? This feels like The Walking Dead in full troll mode.

I guess we'll be hanging on for another week.


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