Gas station owner fights off armed robber with his shoe

Armed with nothing more than footwear and guts, 58-year-old Amrik Singh thwarted a masked gunman.

File under badass. Folks, let us give it up for the New York gas station owner who successfully thwarted an attempted armed robbery by throwing his shoe at the gunman and chasing him out of his store.

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Earlier this month, 58-year-old Amrik Singh, owner of the Citgo gas station in Staatsburg, found himself face to face with a masked man who walked in wielding a shotgun and demanding money. But the gunman, 26-year-old Christopher Dam, messed with the wrong man -- a man armed with a shoe.

Amrik Singh

When Dam reached into the cash register, Singh tried to grab him. He then took off his shoe and threw it at Dam, hitting him. Singh then rushed around the counter and chased Dam outside the store, where the suspect fired the shotgun at Singh's feet (he missed) before getting in his car and fleeing -- empty-handed.

The attempted robbery was caught on the gas station's surveillance cameras:

Police released the footage to the media, along with a description of both the suspect and his vehicle, which led to Dam's identification as the suspect. Dam was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted robbery and second-degree criminal use of a firearm. Face it, dude. You were defeated by a shoe.

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