A photographic mystery unfolds in 'We Were Young Once Too'

A young woman embarks on a journey of discovery in Lawrence Chen's latest short film.

I'm a big fan of filmmaker Lawrence Chen, whose work I've featured here quite a few times over the years.

In his latest short film We Were Young Once Too, a young woman receives a cryptic Polaroid photo in the mail addressed to the former tenants of her apartment, and embarks on a journey to discover both her past and the mysterious destination in the photographs.

Check it out:

A stunning, gorgeous film. And if you're not booking a ticket to Hawaii right now, you're thinking about it.

We Were Young Once Too, shot on location in New York and Hawaii, was directed by Lawrence Chen, written and produced by Lawrence Chen and Tiffany Shi, who also starred in the film.

For more from Lawrence Chen, check out his website. Check out more of his work on Vimeo and YouTube.


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