Dumbfoundead takes on Hollywood whitewashing in "Safe"

Heard about #StarringJohnCho? This is #StarringDumbfoundead.

Check it. In response to recent controversies around the Academy Awards and whitewashed casting, Los Angeles rapper Dumbfoundead offers his own unique contribution to the conversation about Hollywood's perpetual exclusion of Asian Americans from the screen.

In this wickedly amusing music video for his latest track "Safe," Dumbfoundead is cleverly inserted as the protagonist of various Hollywood movies and television shows, from Braveheart to Titanic to Game of Thrones. Y'all heard about #StarringJohnCho and #StarringConstanceWu? This is #StarringDumbfoundead.

STAND UP! Call me crazy, but I think Dumbfoundead just made himself an empowerment anthem.

Like the song? "Safe" is available on Spotify and iTunes.

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