This Week's Angriest Posts

Not necessarily the angriest, just the most viewed.

1. Fox Sports reporter fired over racist remarks
Fox Sports Florida sideline reporter Emily Austen made jokes about Mexican, Jewish and Chinese people.

2. She thought the robber's gun was fake. It wasn't.
Fearless Virginia restaurant owner fights off armed robber with her bare hands.

3. John Cho meets the guy who started #StarringJohnCho
"Turns out it was not my mom." Meet William Yu.

4. Oklahoma bed-and-breakfast accused of human trafficking
Owners of the Whispering Pines Inn allegedly held a Cambodian woman as an indentured servant.

5. Angry Reader of the Week: Kathy Khang
"I went from being the meanest mommy in the whole wide world to the family ATM and short-order cook."

6. Mitski's new music video has a terrifying twist
"Happy," directed Maegan Houang, is anything but.

7. Hasan Minhaj rips Congress to shreds over gun control
"Is this what you want your legacy to be?"

8. Want to see some 'Pretty Dudes'?
Comedy webseries explores masculinity, race, colorism, sexuality, friendships and the rules of attraction.

9. A Nightmarish Neon Apocalyptic Japanese Fever Dream... Starring Donald Trump
Mike Diva's "Japanese Donald Trump Commercial" feels like a warning from the future.

10. An Open Letter about Orlando from Asian American Parents Who Love Our LGBTQ Kids
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Stay Angry, my friends.


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