Three arrested in racist assault on sushi restaurant owners

"Go back to your own country!"

Three drunken racists walk into a bar... Last week in Boston, two men and a woman were arrested on assault charges after beating up the Asian owners of a sushi restaurant while shouting racial slurs at them.

Cops: Quincy trio assaulted Asian restaurant owners while shouting racial slurs

40-year-old James Mulhern, 54-year-old Colleen McDonough and 50--year-old Timothy O'Sullivan were arrested after police responded to calls about a large fight outside Royal Hotspot Sushi & Bar in Quincy.

According to police, the three walked into the restaurant drunk and repeatedly asked what the special was. When they were told there was no special, they became irate, yelled racial slurs -- because they apparently needed an excuse to yell racial slurs -- and stormed out, slamming the door and damaging the restaurant wall.

One of the owners followed them out and told them she was calling the police, when McDonough punched her and swung a pocketbook, striking the owner in the face and yelling, "Go back to your own country!"

When the two other owners came outside and began filming the scene with their cell phones O'Sullivan and Mulhern attacked them. A restaurant patron even jumped in to intervene, but Mulhern bit him in the arm.

Police arrived on the scene to find the drunken trio trying to scale a fence. Mulhern, who was bleeding from the head, claimed he had been stabbed during the fight. But witnesses said he cut his head when he fell over a chain fence blocking a driveway during the fight. Nice try, asshole.

Mulhern, O'Sullivan and McDonough were arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and committing a civil rights violation. O'Sullivan faces an additional count of defacement of property. They are due back in court on August 24.

Sounds like a classy night with a classy crew.


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