A Really Sikh and Hairy Online Store Launch!

Guest Post by Vishavjit Singh

By popular demand from fans of some really Sikh art at Sikhtoons.com, an online bazaar has been launched to offer a special collection of art for your visual entertainment, to make a statement and spark lively conversations.

The current political climate in the US and around the globe is ripe for some fun, edgy, humor laden turbanful and beardful art.

The store offers over three dozen products including t-shirts, prints, framed art, spiral notebooks, phone covers, duvet covers, pillows, mugs, tote bags, greeting cards and much more for all occasions and needs.

You don’t need to be Sikh or sport a turban and beard to enjoy the products in this store. You just need an impulse to appreciate art, wrap your head around turbans (metaphorically or literally) and be ready to get a little Sikh.

Sikh Air Balloon

If anyone has ever peppered you with the question, "Where are you from?" and not satisfied with your first response or told you to "Go back home." or you have been targeted by bullies, bigots, racists, faced the ills of misogyny, basically been target of others insecurity and fear, the store has something fun and cheeky for all occasions.

SendSikhNoteToTrump Postcard Art

The banner used by my Sikh Captain America alter-ego on trip to RNC convention in Cleveland is hot off the press to channel the compassionate ass kicking superhero inside all of us.

Captain America Banner

These pieces of art are perfect as gifts, back to school supplies, for office decor, gracing your walls at home, holiday & Vaisakhi presents, curating events, conferences, rewards, hung on Gurudwara walls (all places of worship), donation to your local police precincts, elected officials, schools, libraries, universities. The possibilities are endless.

A Real Life Superhero

You can read the story behind the creation of each art illustration under the Artist Notes section for each product.

Have a fantabulous shopping experience - Sikhtoons Online Store

This is a global friendly store shipping to all locations with delivery times varying from region to region.

For any special or wholesale needs send a missive to vsingh@sikhtoons.com

Vishavjit Singh is a turbaned and bearded cartoonist, writer, speaker, performance artist and activist who travels the US sharing his life story via illustrations, hosting cartoon workshops, moderating stereotypes panels. At times he calls upon his Captain America alter-ego to tackle snap judgements, intolerance and racism. He is the creator of Sikhtoons.com and can be followed @sikhtoons handle on social media.

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