Daniel Dae Kim offers Jesse Watters a plane ticket to see 'Hold These Truths'

"Maybe you will learn something about the role Asian Americans have played in the shaping of our country."

So you got mad about that racist Fox News segment by walking talking assbag Jesse Watters, in which he went to Chinatown with no other point but to make fun of Asians. Some responded to the piece with wickedly clever clapback videos, while some took the opportunity to simply call Watters a "racist piece of shit" in person. Actor Daniel Dae Kim is offering Watters a round trip plane ticket to Minnesota.

The Hawaii Five-0 star is offering Watters a plane ticket to see his friend Joel de la Fuente in the play Hold These Truths, now playing at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, to "learn something about the role Asian Americans have played in the shaping of our country." This is a serious offer -- "not a trick or joke" -- made in the spirit of understanding. He'll pay for Watters' round trip airfare.

Kim made the offer to Watters' via Twitter:

Written by Jeanne Sakata, Hold These Truths tells the true story of Gordon Hirabayashi, a 24-year-old college student who was sent to prison after defying the U.S. government's order to forcibly relocate all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast into internment camps. The play follows Gordon's 50-year journey toward a greater understanding of America's triumphs -- and a confrontation with its failures.

Sadly, if you listen to the increasingly xenophobic, fear-mongering rhetoric that is currently being used to target marginalized groups in the name national security, history appears to be disturbingly close to repeating itself. And this play is more relevant than ever. Guys like Watters could use a history lesson (as well as a lesson in not being a total asshole). The invitation is open, Jesse.

For the rest of you in Minneapolis who want to see a great actor in a great play, Hold These Truths runs now through October 23 at the Guthrie Theater. Each performance includes a discussion with the audience. For further information about the show, go here.

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