Guy calls Jesse Watters a "racist piece of shit." To his face.

Thomas ran into the Fox News correspondent on the street. So he told him what was up.

So you've seen that shitty Fox News video of Jesse Watters' racist antics in Chinatown. And you got angry, and said some angry words on the internet. But what would you do if came face to face with Jesse Watters?

That's what happened to Thomas Lai, who saw the video, got angry like the rest of us... then happened to run into Watters on the street on Thursday. Thomas seized the opportunity to cuss him out, calling Watters "a racist piece of shit" and informing him that the "Asian American community fucking hates you."

Best of all, Thomas got the encounter on video and posted it in on Facebook.

That went about as well as it could have. Not necessarily a constructive interaction, but the point was clearly made. I can't pretend that I wouldn't have chosen words to a similar effect, if I suddenly found myself in front of Watters and his aggressively punchable face. (I do not condone telling anyone to kill themselves.)

You go, Thomas. Say what you have to say, for all of us. And be on the lookout, folks! To anyone else who might happen to run into Jesse Watters on the street: you are encouraged to follow Thomas' example and let this racist hack know what's up.

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