Everybody's going as Ali Wong for Halloween

'Baby Cobra' inspires a pretty great Halloween costume.

Talk about inspiration! This year for Halloween, a wave of Asian women (and men too) are getting dressed up as comedian Ali Wong, rocking the red specs and a black and white dress she's rocking on stage -- while seven months pregnant -- in her incredible, hilarious Netflix standup special Baby Cobra. (If you haven't seen it, what the hell are you waiting for?) Turns out Ali inspired a lot of people with a simple but great costume idea.

And Ali approves.

@_dipflo #yaaaskween #happyhalloween

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@jenbobo with her dolphin man! #repost #tillikum #happyhalloween

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3 of them! #happyhalloween

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Halloween #doppelganger @aliwong! #aliwong #babycobra

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Hey. Have you seen my Netflix special? #aliwong #babycobra

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Ali Wong performing in a bowling alley bathroom. @aliwong #halloween #aliwong #aliwongbabycobra

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Spot on 👌🏼 #aliwong #babycobra #hapagirl #asianrolemodel 😝 @aliwong

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#Halloween2016 #babycobra #aliwong #preggo #netflix #andchill #halloween

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Having fun with Halloween! @aliwong do you approve of the costume? #aliwong

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Is it really a Halloween costume if she practically has my name?! #aliwong #thatsabeernotamicrophone

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I slime you! // cheers to Asian American women comedians like @aliwong #aliwongbabycobra

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Just trying to trap some a$$ tonight @aliwong #aliwong

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If your standup special hasn't inspired a Halloween costume, you're doing it wrong.

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