Hate letters to mosques threaten genocide against Muslims

"He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews."

Dispatches from Trump America... In California, a hate letter threatening genocide against Muslims was sent to three mosques, warning that Donald Trump would "do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews."

Letters threatening genocide against Muslims and praising Trump sent to multiple California mosques

The same handwritten, photocopied letter, addressed to "the children of Satan," was sent last week to the Islamic Center of Long Beach, the Islamic Center of Claremont and the Evergreen Islamic Center in San Jose. The author promises, among other things, that Trump will "cleanse America and make it shine again."

The full text of the letter:

To the children of Satan, You Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs. You are evil. You worship the devil. But your day of reckoning has arrived.

There's a new sheriff in town -- President Donald Trump. He's going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And he's going to start with you Muslims. He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews. You Muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.

This is a great time for patriotic Americans. Love live President Trump and God bless the USA.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling for more police protection of mosques in response to the letter, which was postmarked and sent from Santa Clarita with a fake name and phone address.

Police say they have opened an investigation into the letter and are treating it as a "hate-motivated incident."

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there have been more than 700 reports of hate crimes across the country since Election Day. That's over 700 acts of vandalism, physical and verbal assaults, harassment and destruction of property directed against Muslims, Blacks, Asians, immigrants, women and LGBTQ folks -- many explicitly committed in the name of Donald Trump.

Do you support Donald Trump? Did you vote for him? This is you. This is your people doing this shit. Yes, these are your fucking people. You may not be perpetrating these acts, but you supported the candidate -- for whatever idiotic reason -- that rode on this rhetoric and gave voice to this hate. Hate like this letter.

Who's the real terrorist here?

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UPDATE: According to the Washington Post, another one of these fucking letters was sent to a mosque in Savannah, Georgia: Four mosques threatened: Trump will ‘do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews’

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