Michelle Yeoh cast in captain role in 'Star Trek: Discovery'

She'll play a captain on CBS' 'Star Trek' series, but she won't be playing THE captain.

It has been officially confirmed that Michelle Yeoh has joined the cast as a recurring character in Star Trek: Discovery. She will be playing a captain on the new series, but she will not be playing the captain.

'Star Trek: Discovery' Casts Michelle Yeoh In Captain Role

Yeoh will play Captain Georgiou, the Starfleet captain commanding the U.S.S. Shenzhou -- not the captain of the eponymous starship Discovery, as many had speculated, and not the show's main character. According to Deadline, her ship "is set to play a big role in Discovery's first season."

It was revealed that Yeoh had joined the cast of CBS' new Star Trek series when Nicholas Meyer, who is a consulting producer on the show, let slip that the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon star had a role in Discovery.

The Malaysian-born actress is an international superstar who made a name for herself doing her own stunts in films like The Heroic Trio, Police Story 3: Super Cop and Tai Chi Master.

In the west, she is perhaps best known for roles in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies and Crouching Tiger. he recently appeared season two of the Netflix original series Marco Polo and reprised her role as Yu Shu Lien in the Crouching Tiger sequel.

Set about ten years before the events of the original series, Star Trek: Discovery will be the first new series in the franchise since Enterprise. The show will premiere on the core CBS broadcast network, then all episodes of the series will be available exclusively on the subscription streaming service CBS All Access in May 2017.

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