Marvel's Most Epic Asian American Superhero Team-Up Ever

Greg Pak assembles Amadeus Cho, Ms. Marvel, Shang Chi, Silk and more in Totally Awesome Hulk #15.

Ms. Marvel! Shang Chi! Silk! Amadeus Cho! Has there ever been such an awesome assemblage of Asian American superheroes under the banner of Marvel Comics? Possibly probably not... until now.

Writer Greg Pak recently teased the upcoming cover of Totally Awesome Hulk #15, suggesting that this is the most significant grouping of Asian American superheroes that has ever starred in a mainstream comic book.

In Totally Awesome Hulk #15, kid genius Amadeus Cho -- aka The Hulk -- is slowly learning how to become a team player, but has to learn fast when Ms. Marvel, Shang Chi, Silk and a host of other heroes come to town.

Damn, how do I get a poster-sized version of this cover?

Amadeus Cho, who is Korean American, recently assumed the powers of the Hulk and began headlining his own series in 2015. Pak says he's been bouncing the idea around for awhile to see Cho team up with a bunch of the other Asian and Asian American superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

"The last few years have been amazing at Marvel for expanding the roster with Amadeus, Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel), and Cindy Moon (a.k.a. Silk) all starring in their own books," says Pak. "And then you've got classic older characters like Jimmy Woo and Shang-Chi, and I realized there could be a fun, multigenerational group to play with here."

He also tweeted the cover art for Totally Awesome Hulk #17, featuring the Green Goliath alongside badass S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Jimmy Woo and Jake Oh (looking hot like they belong in a Korean drama).

Pak, who is also a filmmaker, says the team-up was inspired by his own hangouts -- including karaoke, of course -- with fellow Asian American colleagues at film festivals and conventions.

"I found myself thinking of all of the dinners and karaoke sessions I've had with fellow Asian American colleagues at various film festivals and conventions, and I thought, hey, Asian American superheroes would probably hang out like that every once in a while," Pak says. "What would they talk about? How would they bond -- or what kinds of conflicts would they discover? And how would that carry over into a big superhero adventure? And now we're all gonna find out! "

Hell yeah! "Big Apple Showdown," aka the storyline with all the Asian American superheroes, runs through Totally Awesome Hulk issues 15 to 18, written by Greg Pak with interior art by Mahmud Asrar and colorist Nolan Woodard, and that amazing cover art by Korean artist Stonehouse.

Totally Awesome Hulk #15 hits stands on January 25. Be sure to ask your local comic shop to hold you a copy, or if you read digitally, pre-order the issue today at Comixology.

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