Neighbor's racist rant caught on camera

Woman calls her Filipino neighbor an "orange savage," among other things.

In Las Vegas, a woman was caught on camera going off on a racist tirade against her Filipino neighbor, calling him an "orange savage" and telling him to "go back to where you came from," among other things.

Man captures neighbor's racist rant on camera

The altercation was apparently set off by an argument over leaves. Leaves. The unnamed woman can be seen hurling racial slurs at her neighbor, Dexter Manawat, who began filming when she told him to "go back." Clearly, he knew some shit was about to go down, and it did.

"Where did I come from?" Manawat asks.

"From some piece of shit Manila-ass, fucking ghetto living under a tarp piece of shit land," the neighbor replies. She also called him "like orange savages" and an "orange motherfucker" -- whatever the hell that means -- and he's "one fucking generation out of the jungle, like loin cloth wearers."

She goes on to tell him to "go make some more trashy babies" and accuses him of having never seen fire. She then goes on to claim that Filipino women are "coming to America and sucking up our resources." And for good measure, she declares that if it wasn't for Teddy Roosevelt, his people would be speaking Chinese or Russian.

Who's the trashy one here?

Manawat posted the video to his Facebook page, where it unsurprisingly went viral. He has since taken it down, saying that he didn't want to his neighbor to face retribution, nor bring undue attention to his family.

"This decision was made as a human being. As much as many say she deserves this, I don't believe violence or physical harm is the answer," Manawat writes. "I say that because there were a lot of people actively looking for her. Instead of looking for her, we need to pray for her. Pray that God softens her heart."

As for the neighbor, she claims that she's not racist. Riiiiight, she was just having a bad day.

"I stooped to the lowest possible denominator to hurt someone because I was angry," she told KTNV. She says she wants to apologize to the Filipino American community. "And I'm not just saying that because I was 'caught.' What I said wasn't right. I wasn't raised that way."

All this over some friggin' leaves? What is it with people saying ridiculously racist stuff then trying to excuse it as something said in the heat of the moment? That stuff doesn't simply come out of nowhere. It sounds like some hateful shit had been festering for a long time, and she took it out on Mr. Manawat.

Also... um, "orange"?

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