Hey, TV One. That's not Brenda Song. That's Jeannie Mai.

Oops. Totally different celebrity of Southeast Asian descent.

Welcome to another edition of All Asians Don't Look Alike, a concept that people apparently need slapped upside the head with on a regular basis, much to our annoyance. So check this.

The awesome Jeannie Mai is a co-host on The Real, which was nominated for Best Talk Show over the weekend at the NAACP Image Awards. So Jeannie and her colleagues attended the awards, and of course, walked the red carpet. TV One's Twitter account posted a photo of Jeannie and her co-hosts Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and Tamera Mowry... but mistakenly labeled Jeannie as Brenda Song.

Actress Brenda Song, who is not a co-host on The Real, has nothing to do with The Real, is a totally different celebrity of Southeast Asian descent, and pretty much looks nothing like Ms. Mai.

To make matters worse, The Real -- Jeannie's own show -- proceeded to retweet the photo with the erroneous caption intact. Way to make a gal feel like simply "The Asian One." Hmmmmmm. It makes you wonder how many people have been mistakenly thinking Jeannie was Brenda Song all this time.

It takes a special combination of ignorance, a truly lazy inability to tell Asians apart from one another, and a sad dearth of Asian figures in the media for this kind of thing to keep happening.

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