Hmong family's home targeted with racist graffiti

Vandals spray-painted "CHINKS" on the garage door.

There's nothing quite like someone asshole spray-painting "CHINKS" in giant letters across the front of your house to make you feel welcome in the neighborhood. Over the weekend in Minnesota, a Hmong family's home was targeted by vandals who defaced their garage door and car with hate graffiti.

Police investigate racist graffiti in Oakdale

The incident occurred early Sunday morning at a home in Oakdale, a Twin Cities suburb. The vandals spray-painted the racial slur on the garage door, and "Lick my bulls" [sic] across the side of a car. Really?

TL Xiong, who lives at the home with this parents, posted photos of the vandalism on Facebook. He noted that his family moved in to the house only two months ago and warned the vandals that "karma will get you."

According to the Oakdale Police Department, the graffiti is tied to two other instances of vandalism committed in the same neighborhood around the same time, though this one is apparently the only one with racist implications. (In one of the incidents, the vandals wrote "Nice car" on someone's garage.)

There are currently no suspects, and police say they don't have a lot to go on at this point. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities at 651-439-9381.

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