Oakland's Chinese Garden Park vandalized with hate graffiti


What is it with racist vandals who can't leave a clean surface alone? Congratulations, asshole. It's like you took a public shit with a Sharpie pen. This particular idiotic little act of handwritten hate was spotted over the weekend at Chinese Garden Park in Oakland's Chinatown. As you can see, someone scrawled the words "CHINAMAN" "CANTON" "INDIANS" "BITCH" and "CHINK" on the park sign. I guess the author is suggesting "Chinaman" as a replacement for "Chinese." And the rest are... alternatives? In order of preference?

Worst welcome ever.

By the way, for your information, I'm told that nail polish remover is an easy and effective way to remove black marker ink. So the next time you see unsightly, hateful graffiti like this, you know what to do.

(Thanks, Mohan.)

UPDATE: I'm told that alcohol is more effective for removing Sharpie ink, and usually more readily available in the form of hand sanitizer. (Acetone, the main ingredient in most nail polish removers, has a tendency to melt certain plastics). Hope that's helpful.

(Thanks, Craig.)

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