Smile! Serbian women's volleyball team does the slant-eye

Squad celebrates world championship berth with a good old fashioned racist gesture.

Oh, just some casual racism, courtesy of the Serbian women's volleyball team. Over the weekend, the squad won a match that earned them a spot in the 2018 world championship, to be played in Japan. The ladies celebrated their victory by posing for a group photo while making, naturally, a racist slant-eye gesture.

You know, the international gesture for "chink."

Of course. People can't resist engaging in some good old fashioned Asian mockery. Girls, let's gather 'round for this photo and pull our eyes back like a bunch of racist fuckheads! Well, except for that one player who appears to have her hands pressed together in a shallow bow, trading one racist gesture for another.

It seems that no one on this team realizes, or cares, that this shit is racist. To top it off, as Sports Illustrated points out, the photo in question was originally published in the international volleyball federation's official press release about the game. (It has since been taken down.) Like I said, nobody cared.

And you know, there's precedent. International athletes have a bad habit of making this gesture.

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