Chink-Eye Photos: The Week in Review

Oh look, it's Spain's men's basketball team doing the good ol' chink-eye for this ridiculous photo, in honor of their trip to the Beijing Olympics. Slant-eye = Chinese. Get it? Ha ha. What better way to mark the occasion than to potentially offend a billion people? Smart.

But wait, there's more...

Spain's women's basketball team got in on the chink-eye action too! Anything you can do, I can do better...

Then came this photo of Spain's 2008 Federation Cup Tennis team. The chink-eye strikes again! Beginning to see a pattern? Props to that fool in the back in pink shirt, perhaps too drunk to realize that the rest of his teammates are doing the Chinaman Slant.

Hold up now. Argentina's Olympic women's soccer team wasn't going to let Spain have all the fun. Hell no. Here's a photo of them doing their best chink-eye too! Was this taken before or after they got their ass beat by China, 2-0?

Not since the 4th grade have I seen such a mature display of respect. What a great week for making fun of Asians. To think, we've got like nine more days of Olympic competition left. Who knows what could happen between now and the Closing Ceremony? Anyone else want in on the chink-eye action? The cameras are ready. That's racist!

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