Asian American family receives hate mail for posting Black Lives Matter sign

San Francisco home targeted with racist, threatening hate letters.

An Asian American family in San Francisco has been the target of racist, threatening hate mail since putting up a sign in support of "Black Lives Matter" in their window. But they're not backing down.

San Francisco Couple Threatened Over 'Black Lives Matter' Sign Display

Debbie Lee says she has had the sign up in the front window of her Forest Knolls/Twin Peaks home since 2015. But over the summer, she started receiving threatening letters about the sign.

The first letter showed up in her mailbox in July. Postmarked with no return address, it declared "BLUE LIVES MATTER! Get rid of your sign or WE will!" By the way, that's a threat.

The second letter said, "It's time to replace your BLM sign. How about CHINK LIVES MATTER."

The letters are, of course, anonymous. Fucking cowards. But they were presumably authored by someone in the neighborhood, because they clearly know that Lee's family is Asian. This is a hate crime.

But Lee isn't taking it down. No, she's doubling down. She's put up a second sign that says "STANDING WITH MY NEIGHBORS AGAINST HATE." And she's calling on her neighbors to join her and put up a sign too.

"We were really upset, but in this kind of situation we weren't going to be silenced. We don't feel like we should be silenced," Lee told KPIX. "It's our right to speak up."

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