Your Halloween Costumes

Our annual gallery of reader-submitted Halloween costume photos.

How was your Halloween? As you put away your pumpkin decor and tumble down from your candy-induced sugar high, let's look at how everybody dressed up. In what has become a really fun and popular tradition, we put the call out to you, the good readers of this blog, for photos of your totally awesome, culturally-appropriate, non-asshole Halloween costumes to feature in our annual gallery. As usual, you answered the call.

Above, we have Alexa as the littlest Cobra Kai. Thank you to everyone who sent in photos! If you'd like to submit one, send yours in and we'll add it to the gallery. Cute kid photos are always super-welcome.

LEGO Batman.

Lilo and Stitch.

Erin as Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel.

"I'm not an animal, Rachel." Juanita as Peik Lin Goh from Crazy Rich Asians

Christy as Yuri Kochiyama.

Lorraine as a koala, just hanging around.

Jordana as Ripley (with Power Loader) and Ronin as a space marine from Aliens.

Araminta Lee and Bernard Tai from Crazy Rich Asians.

Alexa as a Cobra Kai bad girl.

Jonah as John Wick.

Kevin as Bernard Tai from Crazy Rich Asians.

Rosena and family as Crazy Rich Asians.

Jurassic Park's Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler with a couple dinos they smuggled out of the park.

Brothers Loki and Thor.

Jon as Cardboard Jung from Kim's Convenience.

Will as David Kim from Searching.

Dawn and son as lunch.

Lianne as Mulan.

Diego as Ash Ketchum.

The Littlest Rachel Chu from Crazy Rich Asians.

Mike as Magritte's "The Son of Man."

Robert as Chloe (and the Bears) from We Bare Bears.

Dr Azumi Fujita, Dr. Mantleray, Bruce, Linda, and Wendy from Maniac.

Lucas as Gandalf and Madeline as the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

Captain America and Thor.

Snowboarding champ Chloe Kim.

The Fastest Kid Alive!

Tuyen as Lara Jean Covey from To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

Jack as Donatello.

Misha and Melanie as Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6.

Max from Where The Wild Things Are.

David as Sully, Lizzie as Boo, Elise as Mike from Monsters Inc.


Kai as Superman.

Penelope as Katara, Garrison as Zuko, and Vanessa as Toph.

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