The Not-So-Ancient Chinese Secrets of the Fortune Cookie

Comic explores the "surprising history" of the Chinese restaurant staple.

Today, the fortune cookie is a ubiquitous, commonplace element of the American Chinese restaurant experience, from your local mom-and-pop takeout joints to Panda Express. A little slip of wisdom tucked inside a crispy folded cookie. But did you know that fortune cookies didn't even originate from China? Not quite. The fortune cookie's close association with Chinese cuisine is actually an American phenomenon.

This great comic by Soleil Ho and Blue Delliquanti delves into The Surprising History of the Fortune Cookie, examining its true origins as a Japanese confection dating back to the 19th century, the cookie's trajectory to California, and its eventual post-war dissemination into an essential part of Chinese American dining.

Read it here: The Surprising History of the Fortune Cookie

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