nationwide call for photos and stories

Check it out. The Museum of Chinese in the Americas is collecting images and stories for its new core exhibition honoring the adventurous and creative
spirit of Chinese in America. The exhibit will open in January 2008 in the Museum's new facilities designed by architect Maya Lin, and they want all of you who share Chinese ancestry to be a part of it. Is there a photo that captures your strongest memory of you and/or your family arriving in the United States? Is there a story/memory that speaks of that moment, when you knew and felt for the first time, that America was your new home? And if you've spent your entire life in the United States, what photos objects and stories have been passed down over the years to become symbolic of your family's immigration to America? The Museum particularly encourages you to submit your photos and stories if you and your family arrived in the U.S. after 1965. For more information, go here, or download a PDF flyer. Sounds like it's going to be a really amazing exhibition.

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