another asian kid gets busted

Been hearing left and right about this one... another high school student facing disciplinary action for something stupid, as a result of post-Virginia Tech paranoia: Computer Game Violence Level, Confiscated Swords Led To Student's Removal. A senior at Clements High School in Texas had his home searched by police after getting complaints about a 3-D computer first-person shooter game map the student designed—a modified version of Counterstrike—which apparently depicted a portion of the school. The violent computer game, along with the discovery of swords in the boy's room, and other undisclosed information, led to the mandatory removal and transfer of the student to M.R. Wood Alternative Education Center. Oh, and guess what? The student is Asian. Oh yes.

Now, given the current climate in America over violence in schools, it was pretty dumbass for this kid to design a shoot 'em up game based on the layout of his own damn school. And the swords? Hell, I have a replica of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sword in my closet. I got it for my birthday a couple of years ago. But I'm certainly not planning on using it for anything other than decoration. So... this business with the computer game and the swords, coupled with the fact that this kid is Chinese American... I have a feeling more than a few of the folks in charge added all that up and just couldn't shake that unmistakably Asian face of Seung Hui Cho from their minds, and they got spooked. So they labeled him a "Level 3" terroristic threat and kicked him out of school: Teen punished over violent video game. The student has been told that he'll be unable to partake in graduation ceremonies with his classmates. The local Chinese American community is trying to create a dialogue about the actions taken against the student: Chinese Community Rallies Behind Student Removed From Clements

Are you starting to see pattern here?

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