do not mess with this family

This is awesome. Simply awesome: The family that beats a robber together ... So this punkass loser, identified as Darrel Rolle, tried to rob a family... and received a serious beatdown. The Ni family returned home one night to find this guy in their master bedroom, pointing a gun and demanding money. Somehow, Wu Ni manages to grab the robber's arm and take the gun away from him. And that's when things got craaaazyyy.

According to the police report, Ni's parents and a cousin jumped on the guy, moving him to the living room, where Ni's wife, Rong Lin, "pummeled Rolle with a metal broomstick." Like I said, awesome. But that's not where the melee ends. When the broomstick bent, good ol' Rong Lin got a shovel from the back yard... I don't know what she was planning to do, but the police arrived just before the shovel action got started. The family let him go when the officers entered the living room.

You gotta wonder what would've happened if the cops hadn't gotten there when they did. Rolle was treated at a hospital for scratches and a bite on his ear and then taken to jail, where he was charged with armed robbery, burglary and battery. Got that, sucka? Don't mess with the Ni family!

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