se ri pak, golf pioneer

The New York Times has a profile on pro golfer Se Ri Pak, a pioneer who inspired an entire of generation of South Korean women in the sport: Pak Inspires New Generation of Countrywomen. I'm a little concerned when I hear about the crazy kind of training her father put her through at a young age—according to the article, to train Se Ri's mind, he would have her hit golf balls in a cemetary at night and watch put bulls fight. That's just scary. No wonder she eventually felt burnt out... But her impact on the sport is undeniable. When she joined the LPGA Tour in 1998, there was only one other South Korean player. This year, there are 45 South Korean-born players on the Tour, a dozen of whom started playing golf in or after 1998. When she is inducted later this year, she will become the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame's 23rd member. Michelle Wie might be considered the hot young golf princess these days, but Se Ri Pak is a queen on the course.

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