the return of american gladiators

Well, it's the show nobody was clamoring for... but it's back. By now you've probably seen the commercials for the NBC's revival of American Gladiators, in which contestants battle out in physical challenges against ridiculously buff dudes and dudettes with names like "Siren," "Venom," and "Wolf."

I was perusing the show's website, and amongst the bios of contestants I came across two Asian faces: Christine Kim, a mortgage broker from Redondo Beach, CA, Molivann Duy, a daycare teacher/student from Lakewood, CA, and Son Nguyen, a fireman from Huntington Beach, CA.

Among the show's "Gladiators," there's Tanoai Reed, aka "Toa," who's seriously rocking the Pacific Islander warrior vibe. Yay. Can't say I'll be tuning in, but there you go.

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