leland wong gets five years in corruption scandal

Speaking of corruption... I mentioned former San Francisco supervisor Ed Jew pleading guilty to corruption charges last week. Meanwhile, down in Los Angeles, a judge sentenced former LA city commissioner Leland Wong to five years in state prison. He was found guilty in July on 14 felony counts, including bribery, conflict of interest, perjury and embezzlement.

Wong was accused receiving monthly payments of $5,000, deposited into an off-shore bank account, from Evergreen Marine Corp., a Taiwanese shipping firm that was hoping to negotiate a lucrative new lease at the Port of Los Angeles.

Using his experience and influence in Mayor James K. Hahn's administration, Wong helped Evergreen gain "extraordinary access to city officials." He hid his financial relationship with Evergreen from harbor and airport officials and told Evergreen there was nothing unlawful about his actions.

Alas, it's all over, Leland. He could've actually gotten a longer jail sentence, but the judge apparently eased it down to five years after hearing testimonials from family and friends: Leland Wong gets 5 years in 'pay to play' corruption scandal.

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