7-year-old b-boy star

Whoa. Check out this story about 7-year-old b-boy Jalen Testerman: 7-year-old break dancer is on top of the whirl. The second grader from Des Moines, Washington has been breaking for three years, ever since he saw the movie You Got Served at a cousin's house. The first move he apparently tried was a headspin, much to his dad's horror.

But he kept at it. Jalen's parents started posting online videos of him dancing. Well, you know what happens when stuff gets posted on YouTube. People watch. And pretty soon, his parents started getting interview requests.

The kid's got moves! Jalen has now appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' show twice this year, and I'm told he was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday. Check out the video that accompanies the article to see him in action. Also check out the videos on Jalen's website here, including his appearance last month on Ellen.

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