fired engineer arrested in triple murder

I've been doing some traveling, and kind of out of it, so I hadn't heard about this until late yesterday... Jing Hua Wu, who was recently fired from his Silicon Valley job as an engineer, was arrested on Saturday for the triple murder of his former colleagues at SiPort. After losing his job last week, Wu went back to his office and opened fire, killing company executives Sid Agrawal, Brian Pugh and Marilyn Lewis: Santa Clara triple-killing suspect arrested.

Police arrested Wu "without incident" on Saturday morning in a shopping center parking lot in Mountain View. He was booked into Santa Clara County jail on three counts of homicide. He is expected to be arraigned on Wednesday afternoon: Murder suspect Jing Hua Wu to be arraigned in San Jose on Wednesday.

Another violent Asian man in the news... it's just tragic and disturbing. Police say that Wu, after he was fired, returned to the wireless chip company's office and requested a meeting with the three executives. Without warning, he pulled out a 9mm pistol and shot Agrawal, Pugh and Lewis, killing them. More here: Families in shock over Silicon Valley slayings.

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