brothers fighting brothers

For Veterans Day, CNN has a crazy story about four brothers who fought in World War II—two for the United States, two on the sise of Japan: Veterans in focus: Brothers fighting brothers.

Not long after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Harry and Ken Akune were sent to live in an internment camp in Amache, Colorado, but were soon recruited by the U.S. Army's Military Intelligence Service as interpreters.

Meanwhile in Japan, their father was raising the rest of his large family on the island of Kyushu. The youngest brothers, Saburo and Shiro, were just teenagers when they were drafted into the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Like I said, it's a crazy story, though I've heard that the situation was not totally uncommon. Anyway, read the article. It's a pretty fascinating look at a family divided by war, and the bitterness the four brothers initially felt against each other when the war ended.

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