coming soon: children of invention

A film currently in the works that I'm really looking forward to seeing is Children of Invention, directed by Tze Chun. Previously mentioned here earlier in the year when they were casting, and the film was titled The Kids Are Alright, the production picture-locked a few weeks ago, and they're now working on the music and other finishing touches.

I was a huge fan of Tze's short film Windowbreaker, which played at the Sundance Film Festival a few years back, so I can't wait to see what he does with the feature-length version of the story.

Set in Boston, the drama follows "a charismatic pair of preteen Asian American siblings left home alone in their illegal suburban rental when their hardworking single mom is arrested for unwittingly participating in a pyramid scheme." The film stars Cindy Cheung, Michael Chen and Crystal Chiu.

The latest issue of Filmmaker magazine has a brief write-up about the project. Take a look at it on the still-under-construction Children of Invention website (under press). Hopefully we'll see it on the big screen sometime soon. You can keep up with what's going on with the film by joining the official Facebook group.

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