vote for thankster on facebook

Readers Henry Tsai and David Li, both students at Stanford University, have a created a Facebook application called Thankster, which helps users show their appreciation for the people around them. Users send awards to recognize their friends and colleagues, and these awards are displayed and passed on to others. It's described as "Hallmark meets Twitter."

They recently won a seed grant from Facebook's fbFund competition, in which 25 winners were selected from a field of more than 600: Facebook announces the latest apps to win fbFund support . Each winner received a $25,000 grant and mentorship from Facebook employees and investors.

The 25 winners also moved on to the next stage of the competition. Facebook users can vote on their favorite apps from among these 25, and the top five—as selected by both users and the fbFund advisory committee—will get $225,000 each.

Thankster sounds like a pretty cool and useful application, but they need some help. Henry tells me that out of the current 25 finalists, he and David are the only ones who are still in school. They're apparently up against incorporated companies, many with full-time employees and people who actually do this for a living. What are two college kids to do?

Help them out by casting your votes (and I know there are a ton of you on Facebook). To vote, go here. You'll have to add the voting app to your profile first. You can vote once a day until noon PST on November 30.

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