more more extras needed for the wedding palace

Once again, some more background extras are need for The Wedding Palace shooting tomorrow, November 12, in Los Angeles. It looks they need people who are 5'6" and over. Here are the details:
The WEDDING PALACE needs background talent for an airport scene 5'6" and over tomorrow for a 7:30AM call time at:

601 S Commonwealth Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90005 (SW corner at 6th)

Wardrobe: Bright, saturated colors, no black or white. No logos. Bring changes and come camera ready. The taller the better, if you have shoes that make you taller, bring 'em!

Also, we have 20 more days of production, so we will need extras throughout (please email me to stay in the loop).

WEDDING PALACE stars Brian Tee ("Crash"), Kang Haejung (Oldboy), Bobby Lee ("MADtv"), Steve Park ("In Living Color"), and Margaret Cho!
If you're interested in being an extra, contact Grace at grace@peachies.net. As it says, there are about twenty more days of shooting left, so there will be plenty of opportunities to be a part of the production.

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